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This the best place to start if you are ready to kickstart your travel plans! (or even if you are in dreaming-only phase!)

I've gathered all of my best freebies in 1 spot, like a vault of travel goodness- so that you can easily refer to them whenever you'd like.

Everything in the travel lounge is free & created with you in mind.

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Food & Wine Travel Kit & Journal

Plan out all the delicious details of your next trip with this digital travel planner geared toward food & wine lovers.

Keep track of your recommendations, favorites, tastings, cooking classes and reservations- with room to take notes on everything you tasted, sipped & made.



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Travel Itinerary Coaching

Is your Italy trip mostly mapped out but you still have some questions? 

Our virtual coaching via skype or phone is the perfect way to get your questions answered and get some extra advice and resources personalized just for you!

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Italy Travel Planning Kit

Save time & get organized with our Ultimate Italy travel planning kit.

Our printable vacation planner is the perfect way to plan and organize your international trip. We've wrapped up our decade of Italy travel planning into a practical, easy to use kit with a minimalistic design that will help you research, plan, pack and go.



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Done-For-You Itineraries

Delicious itineraries for curious travelers.

These itineraries are truly a labor of love! Built for foodies but accessible to anyone who would like a taste of Italy a bit off the beaten path.

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Italy Travel Wishlist

Feeling overwhelmed about how much there is to do and see in Italy? Grab this wishlist & mad-libs style worksheet to narrow your destination focus.

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